We love this moment when we give into the hands of customers a final effect. But even more we like when our clients come back to us and recommend us to the others. Then we know that what we do works, has a deep meaning and we are happy that we have our own little contribution to the development of the brilliant ideas of companies and organizations that we work with.
Many of our movies (more than 80% of 100 movies) are used for internal purposes and we can not show them, but here are some of those, we can share

Some of our movies – most of them are in polish language 🙂
We issue a invoice (with VAT reverse).

(Klub Kantar, march 2019, YouTube)

(Pizza Hut – My Pizza Hut, december 2018, YouTube)

(AmRest – The Story of Colonel Sanders, june 2018, YouTube)

(UNICEF – Warm 4 Winter – Iraq, march 2018, YouTube)

(KRUK S.A. PL (short), december 2017, YouTube)

(Kompania Piwowarska – Szlachetna Paczka 2017, december 2017, YouTube)

(Laxo Care, october 2017, YouTube)

(CLUSTERS3 Interreg Europe project, June 2017, YouTube)

(UNICEF and Iraqi Ministry of Health – 6 simple rules ENG, october 2017, YouTube)

(IOM Iraq – Courses ENG…, september 2017, YouTube)

(Kompania Piwowarska – We presents ourself in a noble way, december 2016, YouTube)

(IOM Iraq – Community Revitalization Programme, october 2016, YouTube)

(IOM Iraq – Individual Assistance, october 2016, YouTube)

(IOM Iraq – Individual Assistance, october 2016, YouTube)

(25 year of good partnership – Consulate General of Germany, march 2016, ENG version or DE version)

(Habitat for Humanity – Społeczne Agencje Najmu, september 2016, YouTube)

(UKSW rekrutacja 2016, june 2016, YouTube)

(Dialog w ubezpieczeniach – ERGO HESTIA, may 2016, YouTube)

(Linia Etyki, april 2016, YouTube)

(Konkurs Synthos Chemical Award dla Synthos S.A., april 2016, YouTube)

(25 lat dobrego sąsiedztwa – Konsulat Niemiec, march 2016, wersja PL oraz wersja DE)

(Ergo Hestia – Rozumiemy się bez słów – SketchMovie, february 2016, YouTube)

(Wiem i powiem – Helsińska Fundacja Praw Człowieka, december 2015, czytał Tomasz Knapik, YouTube)

(Poczta Polska – Synergia, december 2015, YouTube)

(Targi Lublin – Festiwal Kolorowe Jarmarki 2015, november 2015, YouTube)

(Kampania ECO Vitay dla Orlenu – SketchMovie, october 2015, YouTube)

(Droga do dostępności 2015 – SketchMovie, october 2015, YouTube)

(Targi Lublin jesień/zima 2015 – SketchMovie, september 2015, YouTube)

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