About SketchMovie…

SketchMovie is our company that naturally combined visual thinking with photography and filming – and that’s what we do – also independently.

We create explainer videos using a technique called “whiteboard animation” – we draw content in reality (and not using computer programs). Thanks to acceleration, the whole concept is created in the eyes of viewers.

What’s important for us is creativity and flexibility in thinking, we love the combination of the simplicity of the message with an attractive and eye-catching form. We are crazy about the tools, new effects, different methods of working. And the fact is that we put not only the Heart – but also the Quality into what we do. We lead every project from A to Z, we work on it till it is ready – and although SketchMovie is not only us, but also people we work with – we are responsible for the shape of each of our unique films.

SketchMovie was created in April 2015 – up to now implementing 321 unique productions [January 2024] for small and very big and well-known companies, organizations operating in Poland and around the world, for individuals, start-ups and foundations.

Every day we learn something new and that allows us to bring new quality and even better results.


Explainer Video/ Whiteboard Animation
Graphic Recording
Event Photgraphy (concefences)
Graphics / Infographics / Illustrations


Ola Krawczyk

Besides SketchMovie I’m illustrator, Visual Thinking trainer, a big fan of visual communication and the use of visual methods in business, education and design innovation. I create Sketch Up Your Life project to make illustration stuff, but my great love and the greatest professional challenge – at the same time giving great satisfaction – is the Graphic Recording – the large-format graphic record at conferences and workshops.

I worked/or still do creating visualizations, infographics, graphic recording, or by training e.g.: IKEA, Volvo, Intercars, BASF, TEDxLublin, TEDxWroclaw, ZUS, the Business Link, the OSCE and the International Organization for Migration.

Personally I love to travel, good food, marathons of Netflix productions (and good movies) and reading scandinavian crime stories;

Since 2017 i’m member of EVP (European Visual Practitioners).

email: ola@sketchmovie.eu

Orest Tabaka

In SketchMovie i’m Project Manager working with Clients on every aspect of movie creation. Then I change my role into technical guy… that mean I edit movie till final product.

Besides SketchMovie I’m an Event Photographer, specializing in conferences.

I worked/still do photographing events, products, training and co-creating movies e.g: IKEA, Kantar, Sephora, Uber Eats, TEDx Lublin, Geek Girls Carrot, Business Link…

email: studio@sketchmovie.eu